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When racing goes wrong…

Published: 24th January 2018

We’ve trawled through the archives to select some of the craziest and particularly unlucky horse racing moments over the course of the last few years. We have whittled it down to a...

Which racing star is older?

Published: 12th January 2018

A prime example was Raz De Maree becoming the oldest horse to win the Welsh Grand National last weekend and the winning jockey, James Bowen, was the youngest rider to win the...

Stud Island

Published: 20th July 2017

After last night’s parenting challenge episode of Love Island, where the couples had to take care of crying plastic babies for four hours, we thought it only fitting to see how the...

Golf inspired horse names

Published: 20th July 2017

Photo courtesy of the @TigerWoods The 146th Open has got well under way with the first day done and dusted, the Open is in many ways similar to Royal Ascot, a festival of...

General Election 2017 explained using 34 real racehorse names!

Published: 8th June 2017

Photo courtesy of Business Insider We’ve reached the final furlong of the 2017 General Election, so here’s our analysis of General Election 17 using real racehorse names! Party Politics has been all the...

Footballers who love racing

Published: 26th May 2017

Many Premier League stars are often seen attending the big racing festivals as well as the smaller days out at their local courses. Chester races in particular has proven a popular destination which is no surprise...

The best brothers in British racing

Published: 24th May 2017

Many of these brothers have been in direct competition with each other, fighting for the same titles and often riding out a finish in the same races. Today we walk through a few of...

The greatest feats of jockey sportsmanship ever

Published: 15th February 2017

As many jockeys would tell you, racing is the only sport where you get followed by an ambulance. It can be a dangerous game for those who choose to get involved, so when...

Racing’s Funniest Looking Horses

Published: 8th February 2017

Modern Society Credit: @michael_keady Modern Society is described as ‘painted’ by the International Stud Book Committee. Despite an apparent lack of impact on the track, he certainly turned a few heads amongst...

Racing’s craziest moments

Published: 20th January 2017

That said, sometimes the jockeys have a mind of their own, as our trawl through the craziest moments in racing proves. JOCKEY SWAPS HORSES MID-RACE An event that truly needs to be...