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    Horse Welfare At The Heart Of The Industry 

    A huge amount of work goes into preparing horses for the racecourse.

    Go behind the scenes at The Jockey Club Aintree to learn more.

    Chris Hughes - Training Places

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    Training Places is a Great British Racing series showing the incredible landscapes racehorses are trained in the UK. 

    Chris Hughes rides at various natural facilities showing just how well the superstars of the sport are looked after and learns about the more unique training methods.

    Riding Racehorses In The Sea was shot in the dunes and beaches of Ogmore-by-Sea, the regular training ground of Welsh trainer Christian Williams. 

    Jockey Championships

    Keep up to date with the latest moves in each of the major Jockey title races. See the stars of the weighing room fight it out for the most prestigious trophies in the sport.