Jockeys', Trainers' & Owners' Championships

Throughout the year the professional jockeys, trainers and the owners of their horses all compete for their own respective Championships.

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Jockeys' Championships

The British Jockeys' Championship titles are awarded to the jockey or jockeys that have ridden the most winners during a set period. The Flat, Jump and Annual Flat jockey awards are all contested over differing time periods, with the winners each crowned seperatly. The 2020/21 dates for those titles are

Flat Jockeys: June 1st - November 7th
Jump Jockeys: July 1st 2020 - April 24th 2021
Annual Flat Jockeys: Jan 1st - Dec 31st

Trainers' Championship

The respective Trainers' Championships are judged on total prize money earned over a set period of time in the Flat and Jump Seasons. The 2020/21 dates for those titles are:

Flat Trainers: Jan 1st 2020 - Dec 31st 2020
Jump Trainers: July 1st 2020 - Date TBC

Owners' Championship

The Owners' Championship is decided on the total prize money won by each ownership partnership throughout the respective Flat and Jump seasons. The 2020/21 dates for those are:

Flat Owners: June 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020
Jump Owners: July 1st 2020 - April 24th 2021