Our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan


1. Following on from the consumer research we have undertaken in relation to racing’s return, conduct research into attitudes towards racing amongst minority ethnic groups.

2. In conjunction with the RCA, hold focus groups with minority ethnic groups to understand more about the barriers to following racing and insight into how to make it more relevant.

3. Conduct an audit of our language, content and images used across promotional materials and social media to ensure that this is inclusive and not discriminatory.

4. Upon resumption of racing with crowds, organically build up a library of diverse images with which to promote the sport.

5. Make a commitment to supporting publications that appeal to diverse audiences through advertorial and sponsored content, such as a regular column with Khadijah etc.

6. As the central marketing and promotions body for the sport, help to promote meaningful diversity initiatives which emanate from the DIRSG’s forthcoming central diversity strategy.

7. Continue to work with Khadijah Mellah as an ambassador with a particular focus on engaging her local community and running regional racecourse trips and with other individuals to help us connect with non-traditional audiences outside of racing.

Crowd arrive


9. Female board representation to 28%.

10. Commitment made to, when possible, plan for the appointment of another female Board representative to take us beyond the 30% requirement detailed above at the relevant point in time.

11. Anonymised diversity monitoring of Board members conducted and to be included in all future Board appointments.

12. Chairman to discuss diversity with shareholders to agree routes forward.

13. Diversity and inclusion to be a standing item at all Board meetings.


14.  Team Diversity
Conduct anonymous diversity monitoring of the existing GBR team and develop further inclusive policies based on the data received

15. Recruitment Practices
Consistently implement the following recruitment practices to encourage applications from more diverse candidates going forwards and to eliminate any bias in the recruitment process including
– Blind application process, including enforcing that with recruitment agency candidates
– Diversity monitoring of all applicants
– Analysis of all adverts for gendered / discriminatory language
– Update the application form used by GBR to include reference to our specific values (currently a generic BHA one is used)
– Commitment to advertise jobs more widely on larger job boards such as Indeed to ensure diverse pools of candidates such as Disability jobsite; Ethnic jobsite, etc
– Use of a variety of candidate selection and assessment tools to reduce unconscious bias
– Partner with schemes such as the Brixton Finishing School; Marketing Academy and talent pools via charities and organisations such as Business in the Community to identify new talent when job vacancies occur

16. Work Experience Scheme
Take positive action at entry level and increase the pool of people that may be willing to consider racing as a career by developing a structured work experience scheme with organisations such as Ebony Horse Club, that promotes social mobility and which broadens the pool of young people interested in racing. This is based on feedback from EHC that very few of their riders would be able to pursue riding careers but that some of their young people would be interested to know that there were careers outside of riding, such as PR and social media that allowed them to maintain that link with horses.

17. Work mentoring scheme
In conjunction with the National Mentoring Consortium develop a mentoring scheme which allows members of staff to use time on one day a month to mentor a young person looking to get into marketing / PR.

18. Apprenticeship
Following on from Rishi Sunak’s Plan for Jobs announcement which provides businesses with £2,000 for each new apprentice they hire under the age of 25 (in in addition to the existing £1,000 payment the Government already provides for new 16-18-year-old apprentices), develop an apprentice role within GBR to provide employment opportunities for a young person.

19. GBR values formally adopted

20. GBR values incorporated into the recruitment process and annual review process going forwards


21.  Full team undertakes unconscious bias training

22.  Managers to undertake inclusive leadership training

23.  Full team to complete the LGBTQ+ online module

24.  Diversity training programme developed