Top 12 funniest horse names

Sometimes in racing the odd name slips through the net that leaves us all in stitches. Here we give you the low down on the top 12 that have given us a right old chuckle when running on the track.

Two In The Pink – Be sure not to Google this one, you may be in for a surprise! Despite being a phrase championed by comedian Jimmy Carr, the name has also been called home a winner by a racing commentator. The Ralph Smith-trained horse was victorious at Kempton in early 2013.

DoReMiFaSaLaTiDo – Unless the commentator is an avid fan of the Sound of Music, this may be a tongue twister. Unluckily for whoever it was, it seemed one of its ‘favourite things’ was winning good races, including a Grade 2 contest in the US.

Maythehorsebewithu – Fair to say this horse did have the force. After winning his maiden by a neck, he went on to finish fifth in the Melbourne Cup – the race that stops a nation. We can also confirm that Darth Vader was not his father, it was in fact top-class New Zealand sire, Zabeel.

Ha Ha Ha – A nightmare for commentators to pronounce without looking stupid, it seems the last laugh was actually on those who named him. In a six-race career, he finished last twice and was pulled up on two other occasions. Still, onwards and upwards!

Big Tits – With a name like this, you’d expect the horse to bounce out of the stalls with aplomb. However, there was little liveliness on the track with the French-trained filly finishing unplaced in six races.

Hoof Hearted – Say it quickly and you’ll get it. In ten starts, the South African-based horse demonstrated little ability to perform on the track. In this case, the one that smelt it, actually dealt finishing last or second to last.

Passing Wind – Another of a flatulent nature, Passing Wind was a victor in two of his races. You wouldn’t have wanted to be behind him when finishing. It is probably why he won by a ‘distance’ and ‘seven lengths’ on both of his winning occasions.

Whykickamoocow – We’re not really sure how this came to light, probably a little bit too much whisky was consumed when filling in the forms. It’s arguably one of the most ridiculous names to be given to a racehorse. Still, absolutely hilarious when called home.

Geespot – Now, the naming itself will make you snigger like little school children on the playground, but the naming is superb based on its pedigree. By the sire ‘Pursuit of Love’ and out of the mare ‘My Discovery’, you can only admire the creativity of the naming of this mare. Genius.

Wear The Fox Hat – Say it quickly in an Irish accent, but not at work or school otherwise you’ll be in trouble. Clearly those sanctioning names didn’t resort to this method – thankfully for all of us we were treated to the commentaries!

Mary Hinge – Be careful not to get this wrong, otherwise you could be in for quite a surprised look from whoever you are with. Trained by Julie Cecil, a former wife of Sir Henry Cecil, this mare went onto secure a Listed contest at Haydock in 1994.

AARRRRRRR – Clearly named on ‘Speak Like A Pirate’ Day, this equine athlete was forever a pain in the backside for live commentators. On the upside, this hurdle-hopping horse is probably the only animal able to kind of pronounce and say his own name – which is a skill in itself.