How to place a bet

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Having a flutter while at the races is something many people enjoy to heighten the theatre and excitement on the day.

Approaching the bookmakers for the first time can be daunting but we’ve got you covered, here’s a simple and easy guide of how to bet on horses when you’re at the races.

  • To place a bet firstly you must choose your horse. This can be done by either looking at a racecard, going to the paddock or picking a name that you like the sound of!
  • Decide the amount and type of bet you are going to place.
  • Decide where you are going to place the bet. Either on the Tote or on in the betting ring.
  • Simply say to the betting operator the number of the horse you have selected, the amount you wish to bet and the type of bet you want to place. Eg. ‘Number 3, £5 to win’.
  • They will then give you your ticket which you will need to keep safe until after the race.


If you have picked the winner you will need to wait until the jockeys have weighed in to collect your winnings, you will hear ‘Weighed in, weighed in!’ over the announcement system which means the result is official.

Then you can take your betting slip to the betting operator you placed your bet with and receive your winnings! Remember to only bet what you can afford.

Now you know how to bet on the racecourse, get to know the main types of bets in horse racing. Tote