Parade Ring

Where can you see the horses? Where do they get their tack put on? What time do they parade? Find out more with our short explainer video.

The Parade Ring or otherwise known as the paddock is where the place horses walk around in preparation of meeting their jockeys and it gives a chance for racegoers to see them before the race.

After the race, the winning and placed horses return to the winner’s enclosure which is often in the Parade Ring but not always.

The jockeys unsaddle from the horses, meet up with connections (anyone involved in the horse usually owners and trainers), pick up the prizes, do some interviews and then weigh in (to confirm the horse carried the correct weight during the race).

Most of the time horses are kept moving around to help them recover from their exercise on the track as well as wash downs, water and fans being available to keep the horse cool on a hot day.

When every jockey is weighed in, there’s an announcement of ‘horses away’, and the winning and placed horses return to the stables where the unplaced horse have already done.

The Parade Ring at Royal Ascot

The Parade Ring at Ascot. Royal Ascot 2019

You can stand inside the Parade Ring if you own a racehorse. You can be there at fraction of the perceived cost with shared racehorse ownership.