Racing unpacked: Khadijah Mellah goes behind-the-scenes of the racing industry

Features | 21st September 2020

Join history making jockey Khadijah Mellah as she gets to grips with the busy life at a top racing yard.  

Episode 1: How to Train a Racehorse

The first video of the Racing Unpacked series focuses on how to train a racehorse with Royal Ascot winning trainer, Charlie Fellowes.

During the series, Khadijah Mellah will share her learnings from trainers, jockeys and stable staff, as she continues to discover more about Britain’s amazing racing industry and the incredible levels of care received by all racehorses.

Mellah and Fellowes discuss the different stages of training a racehorse and how each horse is treated as an individual, with a tailored training and dietary programme, and high-level care like other athletes.

Episode 2: The Care of a Racehorse

In part two Khadijah continues her stable visit and learns first hand about the incredible daily care that racehorses receive.

Episode 3: Faces of the yard

Everyone in a racing yard works incredibly hard to get racehorses fit, healthy and successful on the track. Get to know a little more about the faces in the yard that make this happen

Khadijah Mellah: An introduction

Khadijah Mellah made global headlines in 2019 by becoming the first British female Muslim to win a horserace when riding the Fellowes trained, Haverland, to victory in the Magnolia Cup. She said: “I am really excited that I am able to share all the fantastic work across the racing industry that spectators don’t get to see on the track or television.”

The 19-year-old continued: “It wasn’t until I was introduced to the racing industry last year that I realised the extent of what goes into the sport. I am still in awe of the passion and the continuous hard work that goes into caring for and training these magnificent animals.”

“Just 18 months ago I didn’t really know anything about racing but now I am hooked and I hope that these videos provide a sneak peek into the sport that I love and that other people that might not know much about it are inspired to find out more.”

Fellowes, who trained Haverland, the horse on which Khadijah made history said: “I am very pleased to be part of Racing Unpacked, to be able to share a basic understanding of training a racehorse to those who are new or eager to find out more about our sport.”

“I am delighted that Khadijah continues to be part of the racing industry. She has so much passion for the sport and an intuitive nature that I hope continues to inspire and inform others about racing.”

Fellowes has 80 horses in training at Bedford Stables in Newmarket with 35 members of staff.

Mellah, who featured in award winning film-documentary Riding a Dream is hoping to inform new audiences on the sport and inspire young people with her story.