British Racing Industry Commits to Improve Diversity & Inclusion

News | 11th May 2021

British racing’s leading organisations have come together to improve diversity and inclusion across the sport to ensure racing truly is a sport for everyone and to help the sport grow and thrive in the future. 

Racing is proud to be one of the few sports where all genders compete on equal terms. The sport have come together and unified to create a formal commitment in its approach to diversity and inclusion.

There’s extensive activity already taking place which includes community engagement, education activity and charitable work. 

The Industry Commitment follows on from the establishment of the Diversity in Racing Steering Group in 2017 which represents part of British racing’s Covid-19 ‘Recovery Plan for British racing’.

The Steering Group’s work includes putting in place foundations for a longer-term sustainable recovery in the sport through engaging new and diverse audiences in all aspects of the racing industry.

Eight organisations representing various groups across the industry including ourselves were involved in this commitment and will be involved putting the number of the diversity and inclusion related activities.

Our Chairman, Tony Langham has said, “It is vital that all of us within racing do more to increase diversity and inclusion in the sport. The commitment is an important step but we need action as well as words from the industry and it is incumbent on all of us to ensure that there is continuous, sustained and tangible progress.”

Areas of focus

Across the industry the key areas of focus will be leadership and accountability, good governance, education and awareness raising, celebrating racing’s diversity and engaging new audiences. For more information.

The key focuses specifically for us will be the following:


Promoting diversity and inclusion in our work; helping to make racing a more welcoming sport to a wider group of consumers and broadening our appeal. Work in this area includes:

    • Continuing to work with diverse ambassadors and role models including Khadijah Mellah and looking to develop a network of regional advocates from diverse backgrounds
    • As part of Stonewall’s annual Rainbow laces campaign in November, developing racing’s Reinbow Reins campaign in support of the LGBTQ+ community.
    • Celebrating the success of women in the sport as part of International Women’s Day
    • Conducting consumer research alongside the RCA to inform our work and reach new audiences

GBR Leadership

Developing our Board to be more diverse and inclusive and embedding diversity and inclusion as a priority for the organisation from the top. Work in this area includes:

    • Diversity and inclusion is now a standing item at all Board meetings
    • Female representation on the Board now stands at 28%, just shy of the 30% required of NGBs under the Code for Sports Governance

GBR team

Delivering better recruitment practices, providing opportunities for underrepresented groups, and increasing the diversity of our teams. Living by our newly adopted inclusive organisational values.

    • Diversity data on the team collected
    • Vacancies more widely advertised
    • Developing a mentoring scheme


Committing to regular diversity and inclusion training so that these issues do not drop off the agenda, we are educating ourselves and each of us within the team is aware of the role we need to play. Work in this area includes:

    • All team members completed the LGBTQ+ online module on Racing2Learn
    • Unconscious bias training for all team members scheduled for the second quarter of 2021