Racing’s Funniest Looking Horses

Features | 8th February 2017

From unusual colours to white Japanese thoroughbreds, these horses would have definitely caused a stir when spotted on the racecourse

Modern Society

Credit: @michael_keady

Modern Society is described as ‘painted’ by the International Stud Book Committee. Despite an apparent lack of impact on the track, he certainly turned a few heads amongst the racing public for his unusual colour for a racehorse.


Angrove Rumbaba

Credit: Angrove Stud

Known as ‘Rummy’ to his nearest and dearest, this racehorse set out to prove doubters wrong that coloureds could in fact be racehorses. However, his ambition was short lived, only ever managing to be placed in a race. Fond admirers said – what he lacked in ability he certainly made up for in heart.

White Vessel

Credit: Equine Hourglass

A very rare white Japanese thoroughbred who ascribed three wins to his record as a racehorse. He certainly takes the novelty prize for his unique looks.



‘Buchi’ means dappled, dotted or spotted, which may explain the name of this filly. A very unusual colour for any horse. Buchiko has accumulated a huge fan following over in Japan – she has managed to win four races throughout her career!

Silvery Moon

Credit: Horse Talk

In spite of being likened to a cow due to his unique markings, Silvery Moon’s ability on the track cannot being overlooked, earning a credible second in a Listed race at Cologne. Trainer Mario Hofer loved this horse so much, he organised for cow coloured silks to coordinate horse and jockey.