Racing Supports Autism Acceptance Month

Features | 31st March 2023

We spoke with Autism In Racing Founder Bobby Beevers to learn all about this incredible initiative 

Increasing Acceptance and Awareness

April marks Autism Acceptance Month, which is a month long celebration of Autism and Autistic people, as well as those who support the Autistic community. Following Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd it’s an opportunity to extend celebrations and continue to raise awareness. 

The sport of horse racing in Great Britain is fortunate to have a fantastic organisation called ‘Autism In Racing’ which aims to make the sport accessible to people on the autism spectrum whether that be watching, participating or working in the sport. 

The project was started by Bobby Beevers in 2020, a regular voice on Radio Yorkshire and northern racecourses, when his daughter Sophia was diagnosed with autism in 2019, closely followed by his own diagnosis. 

Since then it has gone from strength to strength with sensory rooms being setup across the country including the likes of Aintree and Cheltenham. 

“Autism in Racing means the absolute world to me, I started it all to help my daughter and for people with Autism to enjoy a day out at the races in a safe and supportive environment. 

“Racing has helped me massively as it allowed me to find something I enjoy and have an interest in. If we all work together, we can achieve so much.”

A Personal Project

Bobby spearheads the campaign working alongside Racing Together which is the sport’s collaborative community engagement initiative and since its inception there has been incredible feedback from families who are touched by autism. 

“The proudest moments for me are each and every time we put on the sensory rooms and get positive feedbacks from families saying they had a great time. Families that likely wouldn’t have gone to a race day if it wasn’t for the sensory rooms.

“On a personal note the proudest moment was the first one we did where Sophia came along and had a fantastic time.”

Bobby’s enthusiasm is infectious and it’s no surprise that racing has come a long way in this area since Autism In Racing was founded and the sport can be very proud of such a project. 

“I was fortunate enough to fall in love with the sport as a child watching it with parents but it’s great to get families down igniting a passion for the sport from a young age with youngsters who can have a great day on and off the course.”


You can learn more about Autism In Racing here by following their socials to keep up to date with some of their racedays and learn more about Autism Acceptance Month here