Animals causing havoc at the races

Features | 2nd February 2018

Every now and again we see some unusual sights at the races whether it be horses heading home to the paddock mid-race, jockeys easing up before the finish-line and losing the race, or racegoers getting up to some shenanigans after a few too many drinks.

However, it’s even rarer to see animals other than our equine friends on the racecourse, sometimes it’s a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and for others it’s simply the case of joining in the fun. Here’s our seven favourite moments of animals on the race track.

Dog thinks he’s a racehorse

Who knew a reindeer race could be this dramatic!?

Kangaroo delays the start

Talk about cutting it fine

Camel race with Matt Chapman

Pheasant has a lucky escape

Controversy at Beverley Racecourse