Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

British racing is proud to be one of few sports where all genders compete on equal terms. The Industry-wide commitment aims to formalise the sport’s approach to diversity and inclusion and builds on the extensive existing activity already taking place.

Great British Racing has committed to the following values

1. Inclusive

We welcome everyone, celebrate our differences and give everyone a voice. Committed to diversity and inclusion on an ongoing basis, not as a one-off activity

2. Creative

We act as a vehicle for trial, innovation and creativity within racing

3. Integrity

We are honest and trusted and do the right thing

4. Credible

We are experts in our field and are respected for our work

5. Passionate

We are enthusiastic advocates for the sport and the organisation

Great British Racing is a signatory to the industry’s commitment on diversity and inclusion and the organisation’s diversity and inclusion strategy was signed off by the Board in Q4 2020. This focuses on four key areas.

1. Promotion

Promoting diversity and inclusion in our work; helping to make racing a more welcoming sport to a wider group of consumers and broadening our appeal.

2. GBR Leadership

Developing our Board to be more diverse and inclusive and embedding diversity and inclusion as a priority for the organisation from the top.

3. GBR team

Delivering better recruitment practices, providing opportunities for underrepresented groups, and increasing the diversity of our teams. Living by our newly adopted inclusive organisational values.

4. Training

Committing to regular diversity and inclusion training so that these issues do not drop off the agenda, we are educating ourselves and each of us within the team is aware of the role we need to play.

You can access the action plan we are working to here