Nothing compares to the thrill of owning your own racehorse so if you’re thinking of getting involved for the first time, our website, In The Paddock shows you how.

Racehorse ownership is not just the preserve of the rich and famous and there are lots of different options to suit all budgets – from owning a horse outright, to buying one with friends, getting involved in a club or syndicate or even leasing a horse.

The site’s unique search tool allows you to search for a trainer, a syndicate or racing club by both location and budget.

Great British Racing International

Great Britain is at the forefront of the global racing and breeding industries and such is the quality of British-bred horses that each year, leading buyers flock to Great Britain from all corners of the globe for our prestigious sales. Great Britain also lays claim to world-class training facilities, stud farms and iconic racecourses, making it an unrivalled destination for owners, breeders and investors. The Great British Racing International site has further information if you are looking to invest in British Thoroughbreds or the sport in general.