The ultimate student prize on offer at Champions Day

Worried about university debt? Well you need worry no more! We are offering one lucky student the chance to win £5,000 worth of free rent. You will only be eligible for this prize draw if you already have a student ticket as tickets have now all been sold out but there are Queen Anne Enclosure tickets still available from £27.

How it works? You will be given a ticket on arrival and the winner will be announced shortly after everyone has their ticket in the student area.

To put the incredible prize into context here are five things you can buy with £5,000.


1. 156 bottles of Moet and Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne or 1,445 pints

We don’t advise drinking it all at once, but at roughly £32 a bottle, £5,000 could buy you around 156 bottles of champagne. That’s 117 litres worth of good times and celebrations. Or, if that isn’t quite your thing it will buy 1,445 pints of beer. Either way, that’s quite a few hangovers!

2. 500 pizzas

Pizza is a staple food of the student and vital to surviving the long hours working (or partying). Never again will you go hungry as £5000 can buy up to 500 pizzas! ‘But what about garlic and herb dip?’ I hear you cry, well you could still have 446 pizzas all with their own dip.

3. A share in a racehorse

After experiencing the glamour and excitement of Champions Day, you may wish to join the racing ranks for yourself. Becoming a jockey might be a tall order, but ownership can be surprisingly affordable. Many syndicates have been set up to cater to those who have less to spend, and £5,000 could buy you a share in your very own racehorse. Maybe one day you can come back to Ascot as an owner so why not have a look on In The Paddock?

4. Two first class tickets to Las Vegas

Depending on which time of year you choose to go, £5,000 could buy you two first class flights to Las Vegas. Any extra money could be used to indulge on gambling, shopping, fine dining, or nightlife in the Nevada’s cultural capital. The (not so) bad news is you might be stuck there, as £5,000 isn’t sure to cover the return flights!

5. A new car

Presuming you weren’t incredibly lucky and won the free sports car giveaway on Champions Day as well as the £5,000, the money could be spent on the new car you so desperately desire. Or, put the money to good use and get your beat up old vehicle a new clean bill of health so it actually stands a chance at passing its MOT.

FREE Student Tickets are still available for booking here.


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