The Shergar Cup explained by Hayley Turner

Photo courtesy of Ascot Racecourse

The Shergar Cup is one of the most unique events in the global racing calendar, combined with a post-racing concert, it’s one of the highlights of the year at Ascot racecourse.

The day is synonymous with late-summer fun and high class sporting entertainment. Craig David, All Saints and Feeder will be performing, as well as fairground rides to go with some of the best jockeys in the world competing in teams across six races on Saturday.


What is the Shergar Cup and how does it work?

“The Shergar Cup is a little bit different to your average day racing here in Britain, instead of racing as individuals you have teams; Europe, Rest of the World, Great Britiain and Ireland, and a Girls Team. Each team has three people on it and you ride the horse to the best of your ability and whoever gets the most points wins.” Hayley Turner


How does the points system work?

Winner: 15 points

Second: 10 points

Third: 7 points

Fourth: 5 points

Fifth: 3 points

(If there is a non-runner which cannot be replaced by a reserve, 4 points will be awarded to the jockey and the team missing out on the ride)

Hayley Turner was a winner of the Shergar Cup in 2015 with Sammy Jo Bell (left) and Emma-Jayne Wilson (middle). Credit: Sky Sports


What the teams?

Great Britain and Ireland: Jamie Spencer, Fran Berry and Neil Callan

Europe: Adrie De Vries, Alexander Pietsch and Umberto Rispoli

Girls: Michelle Payne, Emma-Jayne Wilson and Hayley Turner

Rest of the World: Kerrin McEvoy, Anthony Delpech and Keita Tosaki


Hayley Turner

What makes the Shergar Cup so special?

“Everyone is more relaxed, it’s a lot more fun. It’s nice for a non-racing audience to get involved in as the atmosphere is fantastic. My family will be watching so it will be nice to see them as well.”


How do you rate your team’s chances?

“We’ve got great jockeys in Emma and Michelle, we haven’t seen the draw yet but we are having a team meeting on Friday so we’ll be on the ball for it.”


How do you feel yourself going into the Shergar Cup?

“Not too bad, I’ve had a few rides recently. I imagine Emma and Michelle are probably fitter than me but I’ve put a lot of time in the gym, and I’ve ridden in the Shergar Cup many times so I’ve got that experience as well.”

Michelle Payne, a Melborne Cup winner,
rode in The 2017 Queen Anne Stakes

Emma-Jayne Wilson after having a winner in Shergar Cup in 2015 (Credit: Ascot)

What is your fondest memory of the Shergar cup?

“Last year was very special because I came out of retirement, I know I have done again, but I had a winner and it was fantastic. Everything about the Shergar Cup is just good fun!”


This year promises to be a top class affair with two winners of the Melbourne Cup, multiple Royal Ascot winners and numerous Classic winners!