Royal Ascot: Most Outrageous Outfits

Royal Ascot Fashion

For decades Royal Ascot has been the epicentre of Flat Racing. The destination in which many of the world’s best thoroughbreds collide in a 5 day spectacle unrivalled by any other festival of Flat Racing. However, throughout that time fashion has held an ever-present and special part of the occasion’s make up.

Although top hats and tails prevent many of the male racegoers from putting their colourful stamp on the race days, there are still a number of wacky waistcoats parading the grounds. Undoubtedly though, their female counterparts have set the bar for some of the more outrageous outfits featured over the years.

We’ve highlighted some of the weird, wonderful and colourful fashion choices dating right back to the 1960’s.

Mrs Gertrude Shilling, the muse and mother of milliner David Shilling, at Royal Ascot in 1969. Mrs Shilling certainly wasn’t afraid of going all out as she donned this orange number.

Gertrude Shilling


Two years later, Mrs Shilling wowed again as she took inspiration from our much taller friends with this Giraffe hat in 1971.

Giraffe Hat


Not to be outdone, this lady opted to delve back into the confectionery isle in 2012 with a large ‘Love Heart’ themed hat.

Love Har

This hand crafted, gold platted attempt at a Buffalo in 2016 certainly quantifies outrageous. 10/10 for effort! 

These two racegoers have gone all out, prowling around the famous course matched up in Tiger print in 2017. The jury is most definitely out on this couple though! 

Tiger Royal Ascot

Our next racegoer has really gone all out, sporting what looks like most of the animal kingdom incorporated within a hat. In what would have taken many man hours this really is a true fashion spectacle worth appreciating.

Royal Ascot Hat

The vast majority of Ascot’s female racegoers opt for a more simplistic dainty hat. However, this lady choose to make a real statement in 2017. In what could be interpreted as anything from a flying saucer to a wedding cake this is most definitely a brave choice, let’s hope she didn’t sustain any long term neck injuries!

Royal Ascot hat

If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year and you’re not sure what you should be wearing or are struggling for fashion tips, check out the Royal Ascot style guide.


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