Neymar Vs Silvestre De Sousa

On paper footballer Neymar and jockey Silvestre De Sousa have a similar back story. Both sons of Brazil, who are at the top of their professions, now plying their trade in Europe.

Both cut their teeth in their respective sports in the industrial surroundings of Sao Paulo before heading for wealthier European stages to further their careers. But how do they match up on paper?


The Money


Neymar will reportedly be paid £500,000 a week after tax by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), or in the region of £26 million a year. Given that Neymar will play on average around 30 games a season, he will be earning £866,666 per game or (if we presume he will play the full 90 minutes) around £9,600 per minute on the pitch.

In comparison current Stobart Flat Jockeys’ Championship leader Silvestre De Sousa is paid £120.66 per ride as a fee and will take roughly 6% of any prize money he earns.

In 2016, De Sousa rod in 928 races in Britain making around £110,000 in riding fees and earned roughly £125,000 in prize money. With the average race time on the flat being around 1 minute 5 seconds, De Sousa earns himself in the region of £250 per minute of work on the track.

By comparison the average person earns £27,000 per year (or roughly £12 an hour).


The Athlete

VO2 ­Max is often used in the sporting world as an accurate assessment of fitness. It measures the maximum level of oxygen the body is able to deliver to the muscles during strenuous exercise and is measured in millilitres per kilogram per minute.

A recent study of a professional jockey was recorded at 65ml/kg/min in a VO2 Max test. In comparison, Neymar reportedly has a VO2 Max score of over 70, although an average for a professional footballer is around 60-65ml/kg/min.

By way of context, recent Tour De France Champion Chris Froome was recently measured at 84.6 ml/kg/min. The score for a 26 – 35 year-old man who is considered average is 40-42 ml/kg/min.


The Distance Travelled

Travel is often one of the arduous parts of any professional sport star’s career, with hours spent on the road heading from venue to venue to compete.

For a professional footballer they at least have half of their fixtures at home, meaning they only have to travel for 50% of their season. For Neymar, during the 2017/18 season the Brazilian should rack up around 11,000 miles in round trips to the clubs in France’s Ligue 1 – providing he plays in all the away matches.

In comparison, Silvestre De Sousa will travel in excess of 50,000 miles during a season, heading to racecourses as far north as Ayr in Scotland to Bath in the West Country, often riding seven days in a week. Whereas the average commute for someone in the UK is just under 10 miles each way per day or around 5,000 miles a year.

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