Is Horse Racing the #homeofsport?

VisitEngland have launched a brand new campaign to find the country’s true #homeofsport, and we need your help!

Celebrating 2015’s summer of sport, the campaign aims to find the real home of sport in England. Do you believe that your favourite local racecourse could hold the title? Or does your own home have the greatest appeal to you? Whether your home of sport is  a famous course like Ascot or York, your local gallops, or even the scene of a first riding lesson, we want to hear from you!

As the country responsible for the birth of rugby, football, cricket, punting and croquet, England is resplendent with iconic sporting  venues, from Old Trafford and Wimbledon to Aintree and Cheltenham. However, we are also home to some incredibly inspiring settings  for our sports that are perhaps less well known, all of which are just as stirring as those hallowed great venues.

Do you have a real ‘home of sport’ to share? Surely the various ‘homes’ of racing across the UK are rife with motivating and  inspirational scenes – send us your favourite views, or simply a snap that captures your own feelings about racing, to get involved! 

Simply send in a photo which you feel paints a picture of the beauty of British racing using the hashtag #homeofsport, and upload it to Twitter or Instagram with a short description of why your selection is better than all the rest. Don’t forget, you only have 140 characters, so make them count! Let’s get behind racing to make sure it’s up there with the best nominations!