Racing is a sport that is loved by people from all walks of life, including multi-award winning Hollywood film stars!

With horses so often playing a key part in big blockbuster franchises, it comes as no surprise that many actors and actresses have gone on to develop a keen interest in the sport.

Many stars of tinsel town can be spotted attending the biggest events in the racing calendar, with a few even going as far as to buy into racehorse ownership.

Dame Judi Dench

The seven-time Oscar nominee has been involved racehorse ownership for a number of years; with her most notable victory coming in 2008 when ‘Smokey Oakey’ won the valuable Lincoln Handicap at Doncaster.

Jump forward to today and Dench now co-owns the talented Paul Nicholls-trained jumper ‘As De Mee’ after being convinced to buy a share while at a charity lunch with prolific owner Andy Stewart.  The horse has already registered an impressive five wins on in the UK and holds an entry in the RSA Chase at the Cheltenham Festival.

Elizabeth Hurley

Credit: Telegraph

The English actress and model is an avid race-goer and became involved in racehorse ownership after meeting Highclere Thoroughbred Racing supremo Harry Herbert at a party in 2009

Her best year came in 2010 when days after her horse ‘Plea’ had won in Nottingham, another horse she had a share in, ‘Census’, went on to win at Bath in the hands of Ryan Moore.

Hurley’s is so well connected in the racing world, that she even sold her horse Memory to the Queen in 2011 for breeding purposes.


Kevin Costner

Credit: CNN

The two-time Academy Award winning actor and director has stakes in several racehorses who tend to compete at Hollywood Park, California. He was introduced to racing by director Jim Wilson and in an interview ESPN’s “In the Gate” he said that the Seabiscuit and Secretariat films had touched and inspired him.

Costner has also supported the industry by voicing a documentary named “Laffit: All About Winning”, which celebrated the life and career of Laffit Pincay who is one of the most decorated American jockeys.

Damien Lewis

Credit: Daily Mail

Despite having a hugely hectic filming schedule the Homeland star is a regular visitor to the racecourse along with his wife Helen McCrory. When Lewis attended Royal Ascot in 2013, he met the Queen who gave him a winning tip on one of the races. Lewis said that he’s usually quite conservative when it comes to betting but, on this occasion, went big and won “enough for a weekly shop”.

With a great story like that, we imagine it won’t be too long before we see him at the races again!

Hugh Bonneville

The actor best known for his role in Downtown Abbey is a part owner of two horses with the Highclere Thoroughbred Racing stable.

Bonneville attends the races to see his horses and has been seen enjoying the races at Sandown despite the poor weather and he watched his horse Gothic come fourth.

Bonneville told Horsetalk, “For a rookie like me to be involved with two horses who have both won and one who has an entry in the Derby is very exciting”.

Nicole Kidman

Credit: Zimbio

The much-accomplished actress owns several race horses and has attended the Melbourne Cup on multiple occasions in her home country of Australia.

Kidman is also a competent rider, performing almost all of her own stunts in both Australia and Far Away. Kidman underwent weeks of riding lessons in her preparation for the film Australia and bravely commented that she wasn’t nervous at all when it came to galloping full tilt and had total confidence on her horse all throughout filming.

Julia Roberts

Credit: PBS

The Hollywood A-lister has a strong connection with horses, her passion is demonstrated by narrating a documentary called the Wild Horses of Mongolia. Roberts she lived among the nomads of Mongolia and discovered a special relationship between the nomads and a wild horse.

Roberts enjoys racing horses around a circuit of plastic barrels she sets up herself at her home in New Mexico. Roberts knows the racing industry in America and has watched Triple Crown winner American Pharoah in Kentucky.

Johnny Depp

Credit: WallpaperUP

Johnny Depp passion for horses began at birth in his racing-mad home state of Kentucky. The actor has gone on to enjoy many roles on horseback; in fact in almost in every riding scene it is actually him and not a stuntman!

He rode horseback in “Sleepy Hollow”, “Dead Man”, “The Man Who Cried” and “Lone Ranger”. Depp also adopted a one-eyed horse from the movie “Sleepy Hollow”, the horse is called Goldeneye, having bonded on screen and he decided to adopt him at the end of the movie.

Steven Spielberg

Credit: CNN

Although Spielberg is a director and not an actor he is a living legend in film and will have his name in the history books for directing multiple Oscar winning movies. Spielberg owns a share of the Delware-based Biscuit Stables and had a horse called Atswhatimtalknabout that came 4th in the 2004 Kentucky Derby.

Spielberg also directed ‘War Horse’ in 2011, a gripping drama set in World War One about a young man and the connection with his beloved horse.